Advancing Ugandan Science and Technology through Creative Education, Entrepreneurship, and Open-Source Technology.


Sayans is an organization seeking to provide an innovative approach to foster science and technological advancement in Uganda through education in primary and secondary schools.

Our mission is to encourage creative teaching of science and to give students access to technological resources and knowledge to supplement their learning and idea development. Sayans serves to create a platform to practice and develop science concepts into creative and innovative business ventures.


Ugandan youth have great potential


As a country where almost 4 out of 5 people are below the age of 30, Uganda has one of the world's youngest populations. These young people have the potential to make immense changes to their country. Sayans seeks to empower young individuals and give them the tools they need to innovate and create stable economic growth.


Accessible computers for any user

Every day, technology is becoming more inexpensive. The Raspberry Pi is a microcomputer that has the capability of being used as a $35 desktop PC. With the Raspberry Pi, computers become greatly accessible and allow an increasing number of people to access the limitless amount of resources and information found on the internet. Sayans seeks to give computer training to secondary school students using the Raspberry Pi. 


Open source technology is limitless

Open source technology - software and hardware - is changing the way businesses and technology exist. 3D printing, portable CNC machines, microcomputers and electronic prototyping platforms are allowing people to innovate and share technology from anywhere in the world. By introducing young Ugandans to the open source community, we are allowing them to use their creativity to form businesses that serve the needs of people in developing countries.