Students and the Sayans Lab

The Sayans mini lab is currently in use by the students. 5-20 students use the lab daily with the majority currently learning how to use the computers through the educational games. When the numbers are high, then 5-8 student are using one computer at a time. This is the challenge we are facing currently since each student has their learning needs, interests and pace. Our biggest learning is that some of the content is more complex for the primary students and therefore more educational material is needed for this category of students.

Mini Sayans Lab

Our first mini lab is now ready. Having 5 computers preloaded with educational resources. The resources are now ready for further testing. The lab also has 2 DC power supplies, electronics components and 2 power drills.

The teachers have been trained on how to use the computers and are training the students on how to use the computers. We are now testing the educational materials and working on the feedback from both the primary and secondary school teachers

New Computer design

Thanks to support from TPP we now have a second design of the computers. The new computers are made with considerations of the feedback received from the teachers and students. The computers are uniquely designed and customized with a larger user interface. The teachers and students are currently using them which will provide us more insights and areas of improvement.


Testing the educational content

We are now testing the content to make sure it conforms with the standards of Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports. We are also designing the training manual for the teachers and students. We then look forward to getting more of this computers and distributing to schools. We have now identified some of the things to change and include in the computers that will be given to the schools. We shall keep exploring. 

Thanks to The Pollination Project Project team 

Sayans Clubs

We are happy to have the first science clubs from some of the partner schools. The teachers have shown a lot of passion and commitment in making the clubs get a great kick-start. The students as well got science topics and will during the holidays generate project ideas in the areas of interest to them and during this time, we together with the teachers will help them access information and support in researching and understanding the topics better. We look forward to the first exhibitions come the start of the new school term.

Active Learning Week (ALW)

Thanks to The Pollination Project, we conducted the the Active Learning Week with the primary schools. This is a week where we conduct a whole days training with the teachers in the school with them actually conducting lessons using active learning methodologies and they receive feedback from other teachers and the Sayans team. This feedback is aimed at helping the teachers identify possible areas of growth and how to achieve improvement. In preparation for this week, we provided the teachers with a guide to developing lesson plans to conduct active learning and the different Active learning methodologies. Great fun with the schools.

We've got funding from The Pollination Project!

This week, the Pollination Project awarded Sayans seed funding, kicking off our efforts to advance science and technology throughout Uganda. 

This grant will be used to conduct future trainings for teachers, and will allow us to follow up closely with schools participating in Sayans. We are also in the act of developing custom Sayans computer systems which we hope to bring to local schools. 

Keep posted for ways in which you can get involved!