Teachers Experiential Design Training

Sayans is officially registered now as a CBO based in Mpigi district. After the registration and obtaining permission to contact and engage with schools, we then focused on pitching to the schools to get 10 schools to pilot the program.

From the rigorous pitching to the head teachers conducted in the past weeks, we have a network of 10 schools now which include 5 primary and 5 secondary schools to pilot the program. Each school is sending between three (3) to five (5) science teachers for the teachers experiential design training.

This is a two days training, to be conducted on the 10th and 11th June, launching phase 1 of Sayans’ program which is mainly training teachers on creativity, resource use, design thinking and experience based learning. We expect that after the training, we shall have teachers who conduct renewed teaching of science subjects at the start of the second term of the school year.

The secondary schools in the program include Mpigi High school, Mpigi Central S.S, Kyasanku Hill College, Kibuuka Mem. S.S Mpigi and Fisher Branch Kalagala High school.
The primary schools include: Bessania Primary school, Mpigi UMEA Primary school, St Kizito Primary school, Mpigi Central primary school and Mpigi Parents Primary school.


Sayans is Born

Sayans is now live, both in Uganda and online. Recently, we have been in communication with the Ministry of Education of Uganda and are actively contacting local primary and secondary schools. We plan to conduct creativity trainings for teachers within the next two months and will be operating within these schools this coming academic year. 

We would like to open a call for new participants of Sayans to support our development of teaching resources. We are developing lessons for 10-16 year old boys and girls to inspire creativity, critical thinking, and interest in science! For more information contact us and get directly involved! 

Omoding - omodingg0126@gmail.com

Sammy - sammy.sayans@gmail.com