Our Mission

Sayans  ----- developing african science and technology through education, innovation, and integration of open source technology.

We envision a world in which every individual has access to tools and knowledge to develop technological innovations.


Sayans edcamps 

Sayans designs and conducts training for teachers to foster experience/project based learning and creativity in conducting lessons to enhance student interests in science subjects, and foster creativity and critical thinking amongst students. Through our on-line platform, teachers share experiences, lesson plans and provide each other feedback and get additional resources and opportunities aimed at growing a network of transformational Sayans Educators.

sayans lab, CENTRAL RESOURCE AND prototyping facility

Sayans lets rural primary and secondary school students conduct self-learning and access technologies for STEM education. We setup Sayans Labs (central prototyping and resource facilities) where students access computers, digital fabrication tools (CNC machines and 3D printers), electronics, Arduinos and robotics, and other tools required to develop their ideas. The computers are open source computers set as desk top computers and pre-loaded with educational material, videos and fun games which students through self-learning use to conduct research, learn basic computer science and programming and as a platform for designing projects.

SAyans fair competitions

Students generate projects presented in within school and regional Sayans fair competitions. Selected innovative projects participate in the annual Sayans Camp. The camp is held to allow students from the selected schools showcase their innovation, discuss, and share ideas contributing to a growing body of technology relevant to Ugandan development. The most promising projects from Sayans Camp will undergo an incubation process in which the innovators will gain more advanced training and exposure to experts in relevant fields. These projects will further get linked to potential funding sources to seed their development into successful businesses.