Omoding geoffrey - director

Omoding Geoffrey comes from Ngora, a small district in Uganda. Based on his passion for youth empowerment, skills gained from a certificate in solar technology (Nsamizi Institute) and youth empowerment and mentoring at the Social Innovation Academy, he started Sayans. He aims to develop a practical science education approach that fosters critical thinking, creativity and the development/nurturing of innovative ideas that leads to business projects and employable skills among young people.

He is a partner at the Social Innovation Academy where he mentors business start-ups/social businesses, trains on entrepreneurship, professional and personal growth and the country coordinator for the Social Impact Award. He holds a BSc Physics & Mathematics (Makerere University). He is also passionate about art, painting and basketball. He life mission is to be remembered as a man who loved his family and served mankind. 


Sammy pontrelli

Sammy is currently enrolled as a PhD candidate in Biomolecular Engineering at UCLA. Sammy has been actively involved in Uganda since 2009. During this time he directed the extension of the Mpigi municipal pipeline, helped to develop the solar technology program at the Nsamizi Training Institute, and founded several Village Loan and Saving Associations. Now Sammy is aiming to use state of the art frugal technology to give Ugandan students access to the internet and the world wide open source community. He believes that providing youth with versatile and economical tools is the key to developing new technology that can shape Uganda's growing economy.



Koko is originally from Chicago, Illinois and met Sammy while receiving her BS at Santa Clara University.  She majored in finance and minored in mathematics.  She resides in San Francisco and works as an Account Executive at a travel start up.

Koko shares a passion for education, science, and technology.  She is currently enrolled in a Human-Centered Design course through Acumen/ and is implementing these strategies in the development of Sayans.  She strongly believes in empowering teachers and providing them with the resources needed to expand science and technology education.  She hopes to foster a curiosity for science among Ugandan students and ultimately provide them with the tools to leverage open source technologies.